An International Journal for Communications and Reviews
Natural Product Communications (NPC) will bring studies on all aspects of natural products, including isolation, characterization, spectroscopic properties, biological activities, synthesis, structure-activity, biotransformation, biosynthesis, tissue culture and fermentation into one journal. It will publish communications, full papers, accounts and reviews covering the full breadth of chemistry, biochemistry, biotechnology, pharmacology, and chemical ecology of natural products.

Features and benefits:
Complete coverage of metabolites of marine, plant and microbial origins
High quality papers, communications, letters, accounts and reviews
Distinguished editorial board
Electronic submissions
Rapid publication times
Electronic supplementary and supporting information
No publication charges
Free PDF reprints
Free email alerting service
Covers all aspects of natural products in one journal
Essential reading for all organic chemists worldwide

This international journal will be published monthly, and available in both printed and electronic formats


Academic and Industrial Scientists working in all aspects of Organic, Pharmaceutical, Medicinal, Bioorganic and Analytical Chemistry, Biotechnology, Biodiversity and Chemotaxonomy.